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We create metalworking products that save time, increase comfort, and improved quality for our customers.

Our featured products will help you create a safer and better workplace to increase productivity and work quality, and reduce project lead times.​

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The Strong Hand Tools® line of innovative products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide, through a network of Authorized
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What People Are Saying About Us
Kate Zee
Kate Zeekate_zilla
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Got to use this nifty handy dandy MagTab Jumbo by @strong_hand_tools to hold my gusset into place as I was working today. It kept my piece square and I was able to place my tacks perfectly!
Wrenn Werks
Wrenn Werkswrennmetallwerks
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Using the Magnetic Grasshopper from @strong_hand_tools to fill a dime sized hole with easy. The copper also acts as a great heat sink to minimize warping…. (click to see full post)
Wil Smiley
Wil Smiley_grumpy_gramps_
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Corner Magnets have a 1000 applications and definitely should have a place in everyone's tool box.
Kate Zee
Kate Zeekate_zilla
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Another badass tool from @strong_hand_tools ! The Grasshopper! Perfect for holding my pieces together so I can get the best possible tack!
Cold Hard Art
Cold Hard Artcoldhardart
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@strong_hand_tools gave me some assistance tonight because I absolutely hate anything exhaust related so the help kept me happy

Main Products

Clamps & Pliers

A complete range of various Quick Acting Clamps and Pliers in different sizes and types to increase your productivity and save your valuable set-up time.

Magnetic Tools

Our magnetic tools help you like the welding arms, angles to hold sheet metal, tubes, pipes and plates. Easy and quick setups to expedite your welding projects.

Fixturing Vises

Fixturing vises provide an alternative to hold parts in the jaws. Our patented Quick Acting Button enable the jaws slide easily into the desired position. It significantly reduces the amount of your time and effort.

Special Tools

We’ve communicated with welders and fabricators to develop innovative, unique tools so you’ll be more comfortable while working and your work space will be more organized.

Shop Tools

We are excited to expand our offerings outside of the clamping and hand tool space to create a new
Shop Equipment category to further our mission of helping fabricators work more comfortably and efficiently.


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